We recently moved to Ocean View from Bucks County, PA. Due to a surgery and an accident that happened the day that we moved, we were completely overwhelmed and physically unable to unpack and organize our new home. Thank heavens for the Pack Women!!!! They had us settled and running in a very short time. I cannot praise these ladies Enough! They are beyond wonderful!!!!Type your paragraph here. 

Ginny W - Facebook

I picked the hottest 2 weeks in July to move! The Pack Women came in and in 4 days had my entire house packed and ready for the movers the next day. I've never seen so many boxes - and while I'm still digging through them in my new place - I'm also rethinking as I place things in the new house. Now I'm setting aside stuff to sell next spring. So much easier with the help of The Pack Women - I'd still be packing otherwise! But I'm still looking for the pot holders!! LOL

​Mari Lou S  - Facebook

Mari Lou S:  OMG I hate packing. Actually it's a little packing - a lot of sifting and lots of paper in the trash.

Geri: but it will be a fresh start!
Abigail:  I hate packing too lol
Mari Lou S: thank god for The Pack Women. I wouldn't be close to ready by Saturday without them
Abigail: That is really good. Glad you found them.
Mari Lou S: I'm glad Bob Steele found them and did the (WGMD Radio) interview with them. Time to get back to it!

I recently needed to pack up my townhouse and move but I was having a hard time. A friend recommended PacWomen and I went with them. Well when I went down to DE, I was so happy that they were able to pack it all up , labeled and organized. Reasonable and honest. Thank you Pack Women for being there when I needed you.

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