women packing boxes

We do the jobs you can't do, don't have time to do, or don't want to do.  You or a loved one needs to move quickly.  You can't help with the move because you live so far away.  For example, a loved one has to move to an assisted living facility immediately.  What can you do if you have a job, a family, and would have to fly in to take care of things.  Well, with us, you don't have to.  We offer unique moving help and can take care of things with or without your assistance.

  • Pack your home or business for your move
  • Clutter Help
  • Pack with or without you
  • Organizational help
  • Pack, donate, toss or sell help
  • Preparation for home sale or rental
  • Unpack
  • Yard Sale preparation & execution assistance
  • Estate clean outs
  • Senior relocation
  • Estate executor assistance
  • De-clutter garages
  • ​Moving Help

Many packing companies pack you up and then hand off to the moving company.  We can go one step further if needed.  We can also unpack either by ourselves or with support from you or a loved one.  We will make sure that the new space is a organized and efficient as possible.

Moving Help

When The Pack Women in Dagsboro help you by packing boxes, we bring everything we need.  No trolling through the supermarkets and other stores looking for boxes.  We know what we need and where to get it.  Besides, the moving companies prefer boxes that are uniform as it makes it much easier to pack their truck.  We also mark every box by room and by  type of items packed whenever possible which makes it easer when you unpack.

we supply the packing boxes at cost
packing and unpacking boxes